Cowboy Bob's Dictionary

Lead Chain

A Lead Chain run under the jaw

A Lead Chain can be run (1) under the jaw; (2) over the nose, looping once around the nose band of the halter; (3) through the mouth; or (4) over the gum.

In the first method, the chain is run through the lower left ring of the halter, under the jaw, through the lower right ring of the halter, and attached either back to itself or to the upper right ring. This is the method used when showing at halter. When the chain is used under the jaw, a very subtle movement of the lead can be used to cue the horse to change the position of a specific foot.

The latter three methods are very severe and can cause major -- even permanent -- damage if done harshly or improperly. Some horsemen even consider use of any of the latter three to constitute animal abuse.

Photo by Leatha Lemen. All rights reserved.