Animated campfire Cowboy Bob's Campfire Conversations

Cowboys have a long tradition of story-tellin' - with the tallest tales bein' told in a straight-faced, matter-of-fact manner.

But, even when you suspect a Westerner of a bald-faced lie, it's dangerous to express that opinion out loud.

For one thing, in a land where million-dollar cattle deals are often done with only a handshake, a man's reputation for honesty is his only credit card. Take that away, and you have almost destroyed him.

 That's why you'd better have your hand on your six-shooter if you plan on callin' a cowboy a liar.

Beyond that, castin' doubt on a tall tale may end with the doubter lookin' like a simple-minded fool.

The American West is a strange and challengin' land - often requirin' folks to do things beyond the range of normal human ability.

Some of the quietest cowhands have done things that would make your comic book superheroes look like wimps.

With just a few exceptions, everything you are about to read is absolutely true.

And if you can't sort out the fact from the fiction - well, I've got this bridge back in Brooklyn I'll sell you real cheap!

 So, find a seat by the fire, grab somethin' to munch on or drink, and settle back while I spin some of my Campfire Conversations....

-- Cowboy Bob

Table of Contents

small animated horse Cowboy Bob and the Bouncin' Bovine

small animated horse The Philmont Mountain Lion

small animated horse The Dyin' Gunfighter

small animated horse The Truth About Wild Horses

small animated horse Bunc Bradshaw and the Mexican Captain

small animated horse Cowboy Bob: Movie Star

small animated horse The Cowboy's Wardrobe

small animated horse Some Other Cowboy Paraphernalia

small animated horse The First Bulldogger

small animated horse God's Bit and Bridle

small animated horse The Adventures of Cheyenne Dawson

small animated horse Louis Remme's Wild Ride

small animated horse Cowboy Bob and the Bunny Buckle

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