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What's this? Cowboy Bob in a shopkeeper's apron?!?!  Hey, I had to find some way to pay the bills! (Seriously, I provide everything on this site at my own expense -- just out of a desire to help other folks -- but by shopping at the sites shown below you can help me cover some of the costs involved in maintaining the "Home Spread"... and probably save yourself some time and money as well!)

When you need a new pair of boots, some tack, a duster, and a birthday present for your favorite niece - but you're busy with the livestock until long after the town rolls up the sidewalk... where do you go?

I've looked at -- and rejected -- dozens of on-line shops. These are the few that made the cut. I'm still lookin' for places to add - but I'll warn you: I'm kinda picky.

The Trading Post shelves are pretty full, so it may take a while for this page to load -- but I think you'll agree that it's worth the wait. There's a General Store plus a Book Room filled with horse and cowboy-related books.

The General Store
DeerLake Christian Store, Quality Gifts For The Whole Family
DeerLake Christian Store, Quality Gifts For The Whole Family
Taste of Freedom sculpture
Interested in a truly unique gift for that special lover of the Old West? Nationally recognized sculptor Laurie Shepherd offers some beautifully detailed limited edition bronze sculptures of cowboys, native Americans, Hollywood personalities, and more! I've seen several of her works and have been amazed at the detail and accuracy of her artistry! These are NOT cheap, mass-produced resin figures. They are museum-quality pieces worthy of any gallery!
The Book Room
Lookin' for some help with your horse or riding skills?  Interested in the Cowboy lifestyle?  Here are just a few suggestions from the book shelves at Barnes and Noble: 
Lyons on Horses: ISBN:  038541398X
Title:  Lyons on Horses: John Lyons' Proven Conditioned-Response Training Program:
Author:  John Lyons, Sinclair Browning
Publisher:  Doubleday & Company, Incorporated
Format:  Trade Cloth
Arguably the world's best horse trainer, Lyons covers everything from leading a horse to loading the animal into a trailer. His lessons are well organized and easy to understand and follow. He has tips for trainers working with green horses, as well as advice on how to correct bad habits in older horses.

Getting Your First Horse ISBN:  1580170781
Title:  Getting Your First Horse
Author:  Judith Dutson
Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc.
Format:  Trade Paper
A must read for owners, horse lovers, and vet students who haven't been around horses before. Well organized, and full of wonderful information that will help your first experiences with horses be positive ones.

Horse Handling and Grooming ISBN:  0882669567
Title:  Horse Handling and Grooming; A Step-by-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering over 100 Horsekeeping Skills
Author:  Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh (Photographer)
Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc.
Format:  Trade Paper
A user-friendly guide to essential horse skills: feeding, haltering, tying, grooming, clipping, bathing, braiding, and blanketing. The practical advice offered is thorough enough for beginners, yet useful for experienced riders improving or expanding their skills.

Safe Horse, Safe Rider ISBN:  0882667009
Title:  Safe Horse, Safe Rider: A Young Rider's Guide to Responsible Horsekeeping
Author:  Jessie Haas, Amanda Haar (Editor), Foreword by Jan Dawson
Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc.
Format:  Trade Paper
Here's the book every young rider should own. The first young person's book to deal specifically with safe horsekeeping. Beginning with a review of the nature and instinct of horses, this easy-to-read book moves on to cover safe stables and pastures, secure fences, safe tack, grooming, riding in groups, showing, and more. 100 photos and line drawings.

My Horse Coloring Book ISBN:  0486280640
My Horse Coloring Book
Author:  Dover Publications
Publisher:  Dover Publications, Incorporated
Format:  Paperback, 48 pp.
The art work is very nicely done and works well for everyone from very young kids to accomplished artists. The coloring pages also do a good job of teaching basic horsemanship in a way that anyone can understand.

Competing in Western Shows and Events ISBN:  1580170315
Title:  Competing in Western Shows and Events
Author:  Charlene Strickland
Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc.
Format:  Trade Paper
Using a bunch of photos and illustrations, this 160 page book tells Western competitors how to get themselves and their horses ready for the arena.

Braddock ISBN:  1403384878
Title:  Braddock
Author:  Shirley Chance Yarbro
Publisher:  1stBooks Library
Format:  Hardcover, 724 pp
If you're a student of the development of the American West, this huge, 724 page book may make a great addition to your library!  Written by one of my web site's visitors, Braddock is an extensive account of the nineteenth-century westward expansion of the United States following the Louisiana Purchase.  Seen in retrospect through the eyes of the character, Braddock, compiler/author Shirley Chance Yarbro guides the reader through the struggles which wrested this land from the hands of both the French and the Spanish and made it into the unified country known today as the United States of America.
Braddock is also available in paperback

Starting and Running Your Own Horse Business ISBN:  0882669605
Title:  Starting and Running Your Own Horse Business; Cost-Saving Ideas, Stable Management Techniques, Riding Programs, Boarding and Breeding Information
Author:  Mary Ashby McDonald
Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc.
Format:  Trade Paper
An experienced stable manager, Mary knows what works (and what doesn't). This practical handbook covers facilities, equipment, beginning a variety of income-generating activities and programs, managing promotional events that bring in business; saving cash on stable management, horse care, and equipment - plus 20 forms and contracts.

Stallion Management; A Guide for Stud Owners ISBN:  0879802979
Title:  Stallion Management; A Guide for Stud Owners
Author:  A. C. Leighton-Hardman
Publisher:  Wilshire Book Company
Format:  Trade Paper
An inexpensive guide to what can be a risky business. [The last time I checked, this book was out of print, but you can use the Barnes and Noble link to check with various out-of-print dealers.]

The Whole Horse Catalog ISBN:  0684839954
Title:  The Whole Horse Catalog
Author:  Steven D. Price,Werner Rentsch (Illustrator)
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Trade
Format:  Trade Paper
This well-researched, lavishly illustrated book is the complete guide to every aspect of owning and enjoying a horse.

The Complete Horse Care Manual ISBN:  0789401703
Title:  The Complete Horse Care Manual
Author:  Colin J. Vogel
Publisher:  Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Inc.
Format:  Trade Cloth
Written by a veterinary surgeon, this book contains everything you need to know to give your horse the best care possible. Topics include basic care, daily routines, stabling, grooming, feeding, health, first aid, and types of tack and care.

Klimke on Dressage: From the Young Horse through Grand Prix ISBN:  0939481278
Title:  Klimke on Dressage: From the Young Horse through Grand Prix
Author:  Reiner Klimke, Werner Ernst
Publisher:  Half Halt Press
Format:  Trade Cloth
No one ranked higher in the world of dressage than the late Dr. Klimke, and he coached many other premier riders and trainers. If you want top-level dressage advice, he's the one you turn to.

The All-American Cowboy Cookbook: Home Cooking on the Range ISBN:  1558533656
Title:  The All-American Cowboy Cookbook: Home Cooking on the Range
Author:  Ken Beck, Jim Clark
Publisher:  Rutledge Hill Press
Format:  Spiral
With favorite recipes from much-loved television and movie stars as well as from cowboys on working ranches, The All-American Cowboy Cookbook is a definitive look at home cooking on the range, featuring over 300 recipes--everything from quail to cheesecake--from Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and many others. 130 photos.

Rodeo Road Code ISBN:  0966422503
Title:  Rodeo Road Code
Author:  Howard Pitzen
Publisher:  Stampede Press
Format:  Trade Paper
Written by my long-time friend, rough-hewn cowboy, and veteran rodeo promoter, the late Howard Pitzen, this down-to-earth novel tells what life is like "behind the chutes" for all those rodeo cowboys who never do win the championship.

Cowboy Gear ISBN:  0922029253
Title:  Cowboy Gear: Cowboy Gear: A Photographic Portrayal of the Early Cowboys and their Equipment
Author:  David R. Stoecklein
Publisher:  Stoecklein Publishing
Format:  Trade Paper
Authentic, pre-1920's, cowboy stuff on modern cowhands and their horses, photographed outdoors in color - in all types of weather. A great coffee table book, this volume is also used as a reference book by museums, collectors, and Hollywood movie producers.

Centered Riding ISBN:  0312127340
Title:  Centered Riding
Author:  Sally Swift, Jean McFarland (Illustrator) Mike Noble (Photographer) Foreword by Edward E. Emerson
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press, Inc.
Format:  Hardcover, 1st ed., 183pp.
Although I don't agree with all of Sally's philosophies, she has a unique knack for helping folks visualize the correct posture and movements that will make them better riders. All-in-all, it's one of the best riding instruction books on the market.

Cowboy and Western Cuts with Cdrom ISBN:  0486999483
Title:  Cowboy and Western Cuts with CD rom
Author:  Dover Publications
Publisher:  Dover Publications, Incorporated
Format:  Trade Paper
In a high-tech remake of the classic Dover clip art books, this volume also gives you the artwork on a CDrom disk.

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