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If you go into competition, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

 1. There are only so many prizes to go around. Sometimes you will be a winner; sometimes you won't. When you win, be sure to appreciate the hard work - and the disappointment - of the ones who scored lower than you. When you lose, be sure to appreciate the hard work - and the joy - of the ones who scored higher than you. It's only a contest.

Kelly rides Willy in her first English class2. There will be times when you won't think you were judged fairly. The judges won't always see things the way you -- or even another judge - would. Here's a classic example: Willy didn't place as highly as he should have in this English class - primarily because the judge had a strong Western Pleasure background and bias. The two other horses in this photo have their necks down in a better trail position. Back east, that position could cost points, while Willy's arched neck and high break at the poll may have earned him a higher ranking.

Not only is life not always fair, it's almost never fair. (Be glad that God loves us too much to give us what we really deserve!) When things go your way, be glad of it. When they don't, learn from it. Remember, the only judge who really matters is God. Do your best for Him - and if human judges agree, so much the better!

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