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I purchased my horse, Chance, about a month ago. My problem is the flies, how do I keep them off him. I have sprayed him with [a variety of stuff]. They don't work. I love Chance and I don't like to see him suffer. Do you have any suggestions?


- D. L.


Warm weather and horses always equals flies. Manure control, repellants and fly traps will help (as I mention in Q & A 30 - What can be done about Summer Sores?).

There was extensive discussion on the Christian Horseman's Association (recently merged with Equine Ministries International) mailing list recently of a remedy that I have not personally tried, but that several people say is the most effective approach.

One key to feed-based treatments like this is to give it to all of the animals. It has to be used on every animal in the herd -- including those in neighboring fields -- to work. Skipping even one will defeat the entire effort.

When fly season starts, sprinkle one scoop (approx. 1 oz. scoop) of this mixture per horse directly on their feed.

1 part garlic powder (yes--over the counter. You can buy HUGE canisters at various warehouse discount stores like Price Costco and Sam's Club.)
2 parts yeast
3 parts baking soda

You can mix a large batch of it and put it in a 5 lb. container (such as a used supplement container) with a TIGHT lid.

It may sound like a strange concoction, but several horse owners have said it brought extreme fly problems under control.

Happy Horse Care!

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