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In reading these questions and answers, please bear in mind that no two horses, riders, trainers, etc. are the same. The application of these tips and suggestions is a highly individual matter, and you are ultimately responsible for your own actions with your horse!

A note about the Questions and Answers section: I love getting all the interesting questions that folks keep sending me -- unfortunately, a small stroke left me with limited use of my right hand. Also, some of the questions I get are similar to ones already in the Q&A section, so I often have to let those slide. Others are out of my range of expertise, and sit on a back burner until that hoped-for future day when I have a chance to look deeper into the subject. When I actually have the time to reply to a question, I'll respond directly to the individual by e-mail -- it may be a while before I have the time to build a Q&A web page for it. Even then, my reply sometimes doesn't get through if the person sending the question hasn't told their spam filter to accept messages from my address or if my reply (which often will include some photo attachments) is too large for their in-box.

I feel really bad about the Q&A situation, but there's just not a lot I can do about it single-handed. I say this by way of apology to the dear folks who have waited in vain for a reply, and also as a way to say "Thanks!" to those same folks for going to the effort to make contact with me. I really do appreciate all of your notes -- even the ones I can't get to!

The good news is that I do get an occasional chance to add to the Q&A section, and it now contains more than 300 items on a wide range of topics! I hope that, somewhere in there, all of you patient friends will find an answer to your most crucial questions! God bless!

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1.    Re-training former race horses
2.    Don't you ever get sore when you ride for a long time?
3.    Where to find rodeo arena plans
4.    Traditional horse training vs. the new methods
5.    How to correct a barrel racing horse's turns
6.    I'd like to work with horses. What's the best way to learn?
7.    How much - if any - of what grain should I feed my horse?
8.    How can I stop my horse from trying to bite me?
9.    Can you help me not be afraid of my horse?
10.   Starting bits and separation anxiety
11.   How can I do vaulting if my horse isn't right for it?
12.   How long should my stirrups be?
13.   In Western competition, how fancy is too fancy?
14.   How can I stop my horse from rearing?
15.   My horse keeps jerking her head. How can I stop it?
16.   How should I go about finding a trainer for my yearling?
17.   How can I train my "handful" of a mustang?
18.   How can I stop my mare from running away from me in the pasture?
19.   Can you help me find some Trail Tech stirrups?
20.   I want a horse of my own - what do I need to know first?
21.   Transporting a half-blind horse
22.   Taking the bounce out of the trot
23.   Can you help me keep my horse in check?
24.   Overcoming fear in the older rider
25.   Pregnancy and early waxing
26.   Dealing with a horse that kicks
27.   How often should I grain my horse?
28.   What to do about a cribbing horse?
29.   What should I do with my rowdy horse?
30.   What can be done about Summer Sores?
31.   Working with a filly's feet
32.   Why does my filly make whimpering noises after the morning feeding?
33.   What is a cowboy?
34.   Could you recommend a book to help me become a better rider?
35.   Mis-behavior on the trail
36.   How can I get my horse comfortable with a martingale?
37.   Should I worry about the lump on my horse's leg?
38.   Will a horse that's continually stalled be okay?
39.   Keeping a horse from spooking
40.   Cribbing continued....
41.   Dealing with a renegade mare
42.   Help! My Mom is spoiling my horse!
43.   How can I get my horse to move when he stops on the trail?
44.   How can I find other horse web sites?
45.   Tips on grooming horses
46.   Buying a horse in Waco (or anywhere else)
47.   What's the best kind of fence to put a horse in?
48.   What's a good price for reins and a saddle?
49.   How can I keep my horse from cutting corners?
50.   How can I teach my yearling to keep her ears forward?
51.  What is the best way to teach a yearling or two-year-old to be on the longe line, without a round pen?
52.   How big should a round pen be?
53.   The best breed - and the best stable mates
54.   Cinch and cross-tie problems
55.   Can you give me a basic riding lesson?
56.   Cinch problems (continued) and fighting the bit
57.   Selecting a bit for a new horse
58.   How big should my pasture, ring, and stalls be?
59.   Help! I want a horse!
60.   Choosing between Western and English riding
61.   How old is too old?
62.   Very spooky horse
63.   I love my horses... but I have seizures!
64.   Can horses get by on just pasture and water?
65.   When did the western saddle originate?
66.   Therapeutic riding info
67.   How do you guide a horse with your legs?
68.   Bouncy ride!
69.   I need to know about horseback riding
70.   Am I stressing out my horse?
71.   Why do my horses insist on eating bark off trees?
72.   Help for a mangey horse
73.   What's the difference between a tie down and a martingale?
74.   What can you do for a choking horse?
75.   Is my horse ready to ride?
76.   What causes colic in a horse?
77.   Help for a sunburned horse
78.   Do you think my horse really loves me?
79.   Helping kids learn about horses in Los Angeles
80.   Why are my knees so sore after riding?
81.   I was severely injured and can't shake the fear
82.   Where can I buy an Australian Stock Saddle?
83.   What is a cowgirl?
84.   My horse is afraid of people higher than her head
85.   Could I become a jockey?
86.   Why does my horse keep tripping?
87.   Do I weigh too much for riding?
88.   Teaching a horse to cross water
89.   Jumping problems
90.   What did cowboys wear in the 1800s?
91.   Is conveyor belt material good on stall floors?
92.   What is the proper footing for a round pen?
93.   Is it safe to keep the horse in the pasture through the winter?
94.   How to stop disobedient backing?
95.   Horse stall lining
96.   Is cribbing contageous?
97.   Handling a terrified horse
98.   Working with a "gentle giant"
99.   Should I wear pantyhose?
100.   Cavalry regulations
101.   How to get a horse to stand hitched?
102.   How can I win my rodeo queen competition?
103.   Blackfly problem
104.   Blue eyes and Moon Blindness
105.   What are Wolf Teeth?
106.   What is founder"?
107.   Will oats alone put weight on my horses?
108.   North Star Stampede questions
109.   Solving bit and cinch problems
110.   Help for a young first-time horse owner
111.   On-line riding lessons for a fearful young rider
112.   Wormer questions
113.   How many miles should we ride in a day?
114.   A strange-sounding fly control
115.   What shots should I give my horse?
116.   How do I figure mph on a horse?
117.   How to to stop tail-biting?
118.   Controlling Mange
119.   How heavy should a saddle be?
120.   Is my mare too old to be bred?
121.   Introducing new horses to the herd
122.   Do you know anything about hamsters?
123.   What should I do about Moon Blindness?
124.   Why do a horse's teeth need to be "floated"?
125.   What is a gutbucket?
126.   How fast could a Hobbit ride?
127.   Was it luck or hard work?
128.   How heavy is too heavy?
129.   Would Calamity Jane drive a Honda?
130.   Trailering Tips
131.   Leaping frogs
132.   A fan-atic town
133.   A strange Houston house
134.   Which trip takes longer?
135.   What mother headed west for 59 years and retired in 1985?
136.   Is our mare pregnant?
137.   A Texas trip with seven dips
138.   Getting a barrel horse to flex in the turn
139.   What should I do with my horse in the event of a thunder and lightning storm?
140.   How to deal with a timid mare?
141.   How to start riding (again)?
142.   What is possum disease?
143.   Is a wind witch a tornado?
144.   How does a cowboy feel when he orders a pair of overalls?
145.   Bridge troubles
146.   Is horseback riding, even at a walk, bad for your spine?
147.   Teaching a horse to watch for the small things
148.   I need a horse!
149.   Standing at the oche throwing bombs at the black dog
150.   A cowboy's beaver
151.   A couple of Western legends
152.   Hitching a horse
153.   How to tie a Western tie
154.   Where did rodeo and cowboys originate?
155.   What have you got against "Horse Whispering"?
156.   What do you call Western-style buildings?
157.   Where can I find a Civil War cavalry manual?
158.   How did the "ten gallon hat" get its name?
159.   Are pine needles poisonous to horses?
160.   How fast can a thoroughbred run?
161.   How did people talk in the "Wild West"?
162.   Do-it-yourself hitching posts
163.   How much was a cowboy paid?
164.   Cow pony manes
165.   Tell me what I'm cooking
166.   Kremlin in South Dakota?
167.   Tiny, yellow, round things on horses' legs
168.   Cowboy wristbands
169.   When does a cowboy throw his hat on a bed?
170.   Two broncs they couldn't break
171.   State maps and the Pony Express
172.   Wild Bill Hickock's first Wild West Show
173.   What would be a fantasy horse's endurance and quirks?
174.   Help for a foundered filly
175.   Should I stay mounted?
176.   Why are horses mounted from the left?
177.   What do these commands mean?
178.   How and why do horses show their emotion?
179.   Does my daughter weigh too much for my mustang?
180.   Can I just add electric wire to a barbed wire fence?
181.   Can you tell me about hackamores?
182.   What wood shavings are safe for horses?
183.   Should I blanket my horse in winter?
184.   Does this work or is it just an old chestnut?
185.   How do you train a half-blind horse?
186.   Trying to ride a living tornado
187.   A posture problem or a saddle problem?
188.   Which horses ran second to the Triple Crown winners?
189.   How should I react to a bolt?
190.   Splash White or Medicine Hat?
191.   Looking for instructions on old fashioned Beery Bit
192.   Transitioning to a different type of boarding facility
193.   What's the difference between a trotter and a pacer?
194.   How should I give my horse his shots?
195.   Will my lesson horse remember me?
196.   How can I tell if I have a good barrel racing horse?
197.   Can I pasture horses in a mountain forest?
198.   Why does my horse eat manure?
199.   Don't it make my blue eyes... yellow?
200.   What saddle pad do you recommend?
201.   Question on the epiglottis
202.   How many exercise repititions should I do?
203.   What do the arena letters mean?
204.   Rearing and other trail mis-behavior
205.   Was the cowboy life glamorous?
206.   What does Cowgirl Up mean?
207.   What did cowgirls wear?
208.   What made my horse go lame?
209.   Is there a correct way of running the barrels?
210.   Why will a horse eat its self to death?
211.   How to keep a horse from bolting out of its stall?
212.   How can I get my horse to accept the bridle?
213.   Will it hurt horses to eat bamboo?
214.   What do you do if you meet a mountain lion on the trail?
215.   Should I buy a horse?
216.   What were the various positions on a cattle drive?
217.   Should I have my horse's stifle cut?
218.   Why do horses point their tails to the wind?
219.   Did soaking his feed cause my horse to founder?
220.   How can I keep my hands still?
221.   What is the PSI rating of a horse kick?
222.   Learning to ride in Michigan at age 55
223.   How to stop a horse from moving while being mounted?
224.   Is horseback riding safe?
225.   How to help a horse with chronic colic?
226.   Where did cowboys sleep?
227.   How many cowboys does it take to change a light bulb?
228.   How to get my horses to drink from their watering trough?
229.   Some questions about HyPP
230.   What does, "Stay straight in the saddle" mean?
231.   A couple of questions about hay
232.   What was this hot cowboy fashion?
233.   What is a male horse called?
234.   What does G T T mean?
235.   What is sacking?
236.   Was my horse cramping?
237.   Is a horse's brain really the size of a large walnut?
            (Warning -- if you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip this one!)
238.   A note about rescues and a deaf horse
239.   Why don't you make your students wear helmets?
240.   How can I help heal my horse's rope burn?
241.   How fast can two horses pull a wagon?
242.   How much weight can a pack mule carry?
243.   Would I be an idiot to buy this mustang?
244.   Help -- My trainer is driving me crazy!
245.   What happened to the real "Iron Will"?
246.   Why does my horse have bad breath?
247.   Why did God take my horse from me?
248.   How would a pregnant Percheron behave?
249.   Can you ride a Percheron without tack?
250.   How should I ride bareback?
251.   How did the draft horse get its name?
252.   What is a mustang?
253.   Is a catalpa tree harmful to a horse?
254.   Where did Clydesdales come from?
255.   Does a trailer get too hot for horses?
256.   Why do western leather jackets have fringe?
257.   Did fescue grass kill my foals?
258.   Why does my horse nod at me?
259.   Will eating scraps cause foundering?
260.   How can I prevent my horse pulling me out of the saddle?
261.   What was a cowboy's job like?
262.   What is a bucking roll?
263.   Barrel Horses and Western Pleasure
264.   What is a "be nice" halter?
265.   How can I build a watering trough?
266.   Should I euthanize my old stallion?
267.   Where would you find a pack of green eyed wolves?
268.   When a cowboy is in a fish, what's in the air?
269.   How can we keep the girth from causing sores?
270.   Is it safe to pasture our horses with a heifer?
271.   Would adding eggs to her feed make our mare's coat shiny?
272.   Have you subjected horses to music?
273.   Do I dare go into raising horses by myself?
274.   Can mares, geldings and/or stallions share a pasture?
275.   Is it me, the bit, or him that is making my Arab run?
276.   Can you tell me about Cheyenne Dawson's family?
277.   How can I add bucking rolls?
278.   What kinds of horses did cowboys use?
279.   Why did this under-nourished mare die when we did every thing we could to save her?
280.   What should we do in case of colic on a trip?
281.   Should we ride with hornless saddles?
282.   Is it possible to train a cow?
283.   What's the difference between tying-up and colicing?
284.   What's a mecate?
285.   How are Haflingers for pleasure riding?
286.   Did I treat this head wound correctly?
287.   Is it okay to keep horses in the dark?
288.   What are the requirements to register a horse?
289.   Where can we stop with our horses on a cross-country trip?
290.   What health problems do horses have?
291.   Should I give shots in the neck triangle?
292.   Why does my horse pace along the fence?
293.   Why did my mustang go berserk?
294.   How can I treat a foot abscess?
295.   Should I ask questions during riding lessons?
296.   How could you recommend killing a horse!?
297.   Should we bring pellet feed on a trail ride?
298.   What can I do with this crazy Arab mare?
299.   Why do real cowboys wear Wranglers and not Levis?
300.   How can I help my horse overcome his fear of corn?
301.   When did cowboys start wearing socks?
302.   Do horses cry?
303.   Why are my horses salivating so much?
304.   How can feed intake cause foot problems?
305.   Are Colic, Laminitis, and Founder the same?
306.   What do you call that thing that looks like a soccer goal in front of a saloon?
307.  How can I get my draft horse to lower his head?
308.  What is the meaning of the term "you old scudder" (skudder?)
309.  How can I cure my squeaky saddle?
310.  How did the phrase "...and found" originate?
311.  What does "muley born" mean?
312.  Why are there no swear words in your cowboy dictionary?
313.  How do rodeo cowboys cover their medical expenses?
314.  Hoolihan or hulahan?
315.  Where did the expression "toss in the hat" come from?
316.  How did Old West lawmen make sure captives stayed caught?
317.  What did they do with the horse manure?
318.  How do horses sleep?
319.  A Minnesota cowboy?
320.  What can I use for my stall floors?
321.  How did a star become the symbol of a lawman?
322.  What does this brand mean?
323.  Donít real cowboys get really frozen legs?
324.  Why is a horse called a plug?

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