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I need info on equine mange. I have never experienced it with any of my horses; now one seems to have it. Can you give me a description of it and how to treat it? It appears to be on his belly. Where I board him there was a coop of racing pigeons and he may have picked it up from there. Is this possible? Any ideas would be appreciated.

If my husband were still alive he'd be corresponding with you because he always felt there was nothing closer to God than the heart of a horseman. God Bless you.


- M.


Mange is a skin disease caused by mites, and is very contagious. There are several types of Mange, but the first sign of the disease is usually an intense itching. Scales or scabs on the affected areas generally follow, with various other symptoms depending on the type of Mange. Because the pesky little critters can hide just about anywhere, it can be very hard to eliminate. The pigeons may be a source of mites, but so can other animals (including dogs and even people) or contaminated tack, bedding, blankets, brushes, etc.

Mange can be treated by several sprays, dips, ointments or fumigations. Some products to consider include Purina Hard Hitter Stable Spray, Insectrin, Insectaban, GardStar, Overkill, Permaban, and Permectrin II. You'll probably want to talk with your vet for a recommendation on the treatment and dosage so you don't end up wasting your money on a less-than-effective cure.

I hope this helps. I'm sorry to hear that your husband is no longer in this world... but I'll try to make a point of meetin' up with him in the next!

God bless!

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