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(Speaking of tying things....)


I keep seeing "Rags / Scarfs" tied in a sort of "Four Way Knot." Maybe it's called a "Four Cornered" or "Four Squared" knot...I'm not sure. Could you direct me to any web site or other reference that would give directions on how this fancy knot is tied? I'm like the chauffeur without a limousine. I've got scarfs, but don't know how to tie that special knot! Thanks for any help you might send my way.

- D. B.


I presume you're talking about tying a "Scarf" along the lines of what is commonly called an "Apache" tie. If I'm not using a slip-on tie clip, I just use a regular "Four-in-Hand" knot like I would with a regular men's tie. It's easy to tie: Start with one end longer than the other (how much longer depends a lot on how thick the tie's fabric is). Start with the long end across the short end. Wrap the long end around one and a half times. The long end is now behind the short one. Bring the long end up next to your collar button and to the front, then down under itself on the front.

Step One in tying the scarf Step two The finished knot

The tie with a clipThat's all it takes -- at least it works for me. (But then, I've never been ranked very high on the fashion charts!) Most of the time, I prefer the clip approach -- it lets me keep that collar button undone!

Now, on the other hand, if you're talking about tying a bandana around your neck, that's a different story. In that case, you want to use a slip knot. Otherwise, if the bandana gets caught on something, you're likely to end up lynching yourself! (Any Boy Scout can teach you how to tie a slip knot.) There's also a fancy "Wild Rag" knot that forms a fancy and nice-lookin' square -- and that I consider to be deadly! If a scarf tied that way were to get caught on something, the scarf could quickly turn into a hangman's noose. Obviously, I recommend that you steer clear of that knot!

A Thank You:

Thanks for the response on tying a scarf / tie. Especially the "yellow caution flag" on using a slip knot. I've heard that one before from a guy they called "Stretch"! I appreciate your taking the time and sharing the photos. By the way, if that's you in the photos, you're a twin to my brother in law! People say he looks like Kenny Rogers and/or Harrison Ford. You probably get that too.

- D. B.

...And my reply:

My condolences to your brother-in-law... Maybe plastic surgery would help!

Yeh, I've been likened to Kenny Rogers a time or two, and I once had a couple of theme park stunt men chase me down -- they were just certain that I was Roger Whittaker!

Glad I could be of help!

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