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I have been a lover of horses since the day I can remember. I have a three year old mustang and she is a handful. She has never been trained and has only had my self on her back. Have any suggestion?

- Katie

For some of the basics, I'd suggest that you browse through the other Question & Answer pages related to training. And - at the risk of sounding like a broken record - get yourself a subscription to Perfect Horse.

A word of caution: You didn't tell me exactly what you mean when you call your horse a "mustang." For many folks, that term means one of the wild horses caught and put up for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Here's the problem... As I point out in my Campfire Conversation about wild horses, a horse in the wild lives a life of constant fear and pain. When you get one of those "mustangs," it will take time and consistent training to teach it that it is safe with you.

Whatever your animal's background, a calm, self-disciplined application of good training techniques is the key to taming the critter.

Happy Riding!

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