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How many cowboys does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Z.


Just one, but....

"There. I got that light bulb changed. That's sure a lot quicker than dealing with the old lantern out at the line shack. When it goes out, I have to clean the soot out of the chimney and trim the wick before I can fill the contraption with kerosene and re-light it. And I have to do it all by candle light because it's the only lantern out there. Of course, if the kerosene tin is empty, I'm in for a pretty dark night.

"Now that I've changed the bulb, I can finish cleaning the stalls and graining the horses before I repair the saddle horn that busted when I tried to pull that birch tree off the fence out in the south 40.

"I needed that bulb 'cause it sure gets dark fast in these parts and my paint mare is due to drop her foal pretty soon. I really hate playin' midwife in the pitch black. And, of course, Cookie will be roustin' us out of the bunkhouse at 3 a.m. so's he can get us fed in time for us to saddle up and ride up to Wilson's Creek. If we get there by 9 a.m., we should be able to drive the herd back to headquarters by dusk -- and start the whole routine over again.

"Oh, rats! there goes another bulb. Guess I'll have to ride in to that all-night convenience store in town and pick up another pack of bulbs...."

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