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Hello Cowboy Bob,

I was wondering if we are doing an 8 hr trail ride should we bring pellet food along to feed the horses during the ride?

Thanks and a have a great day.

B. K.


Obviously you know your horses better than I do, but I'd prefer to feed them a few cups of oats at the noon break and make sure they had some good hay or grass available. Sometimes the combination of concentrated feed and prolonged exercise can trigger a case of colic.

And don't forget to also have plenty of good quality, air-temperature (not cold) water. Depending on the weather, you should probably also offer them some water and let them graze a bit around mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Remember, while most humans are used to three meals a day, with five hours or so in between, horses are designed to graze frequently all day long. Don't try to make your mounts adapt to your human eating habits.

Finally, an eight hour ride could be a bit much for horses that don't get much work. Before you tackle a ride that long, be sure your critters are in good condition for it.

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