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I want to start off by saying I love your site.

And now for my question. You gave an awesome definition for a "cowboy." Now me and some friends (female) would like to know what you think a good definition for a "cowgirl" would be.

Keep up the good work!

- Pam


A Cowgirl is... What are you tryin' to do... get me in trouble with all the ladies out there?!

Well, I've never been one to fight shy of trouble, so here goes....

What is a cowgirl? Like all girls, she's sugar and spice, and well, maybe not always nice, but nice enough for us cowboys. As for the spice, sometimes it may be of the cayenne pepper variety, but it sure helps to keep life interesting!

What is a cowgirl? She's denim and lace, satin and leather. She may ride and rope like a man, but never loses that "I'm all woman" attitude. She loves youngsters, horses, flowers, sunsets, and cowboys... and in that order.

What is a cowgirl? She's not afraid to compete with the menfolk. When she loses, she does it with all the class of a trophy winner. And when she wins, she leaves all the guys feelin' like they somehow won as well.

What is a cowgirl? Let man or animal be in need of a healing touch, and she's the one they turn to. She has the unique role of bringing new life into the world, and has a natural dislike of death. But let something threaten her herd -- be it her human or her animal herd -- and she is deadly fury in human form.

Barrel racer What is a cowgirl? She's the rhythmic grace of a breeze rippling the prairie grass, and the glow of a desert sunset. Changeable as the weather, one minute her smile can brighten a gloomy day; the next minute the lightning flash in her eye warns, "You'd better run for cover -- there's a storm a'brewin'!"

What is a cowgirl? She's someone with an in-bred need to be involved. Tell a cowboy that something needs to be done, and he'll do it. Slowly, perhaps, but he'll do it. Tell a cowgirl the same thing, and the first word out of her mouth will be, "Why?"

What is a cowgirl? When a lonely cowboy beds down on the trail and gazes at the full moon rising over the mountain peaks, she's the one he thinks about.

And he wishes she were there.

Happy Trails!

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