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Please help me!!!

We have a small farm and I have a horrible time keeping weight on my horses. I buy great hay and the top line of feeds. But still my horses lose weight, well, our stud horse and my mare. I know we don't have enough grass in the pasture, so I feed hay year 'round.

I am going to go home today and measure them and follow your instructions on the oats. But I want to make sure I am understanding right -- just go to the feed store and tell them I need a bag of good quality oats? And that is the best source of feed for a horse -- oats and hay?

I just want to do the best for my horses and I want them to feel good and be healthy.

Thanks a Million,

- M. S.


The first thing I'd like to know is if you are rotating your wormers and giving them on a regular basis? Worms can have a significant impact on your horse's weight.

Second, have you had a vet look at them recently? Quality of feed may not be the only reason behind weight loss. Willy once had a problem with weight loss and I thought he may have needed to have his teeth floated. When the vet arrived, however, he found an abscessed tooth. When the abscess was eliminated, Willy started putting on weight.

Finally, if the oats and hay don't help, there are some reasonably priced supplements that add fat and/or carbohydrates for a seriously underweight horse. In order to avoid colic, I'd only start using them after consulting with my vet.

Assuming there are no serious health issues, yes, I'd stick with good oats and quality grass hay.

Happy Horse Care!

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