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My mom just bought me a horse. I wanted to know how to take good care of my horse where it won't get sick. I am only 14 so I don't know much and my horse, Bob, is about 13 to 15 years old, the lady said.

I need to know if it is really hard and the lady said that you don't have to clean the poop up, just smash it into the ground and spread it -- but I don't want to kill my horse, so could you just think of some thing and write me back? I would really appreciate it.

Sorry I keep bugging you, but do I weigh too much to ride my 13 to 15 year old horse? I weigh 190.

I live in Alamogordo.

- A.


Yeh, taking care of a horse is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. You'll find a lot of tips in the other Questions and Answers pages, and you can also order some books for new horse owners in the Trading Post section. Also, I'm certain that there are some experienced horse people in the Alamogordo area. Look around and try to find some folks who are doing a good job and are willing to help you learn.

My horse, Willy, is 25 years old, and I had a 10-year old kid riding double with me the other day. Together, we probably weighed over 200 pounds. (I weigh 155.) I wouldn't make Willy carry that much weight for a long time, but it doesn't hurt for a short ride. You may find that the exercise helps you keep your weight down.

As for removing the manure, It needs to be removed from a stall, but not from a field -- unless you have a bad fly problem. If flies get too bad, you may want to look at some removal or spreading of the manure. Otherwise, just leave it and it will decompose and help fertilize your field.

Happy Horse Care!

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