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Howdy Bob,

I recently got an 8 year old mare. She has Moonblindness (Uveitis) so I was wondering what I should do.

Any Suggestions?


- A. B. and Melvin and Wally


In four words, talk to your veterinarian. So-called "moon blindness" goes through three major phases: acute, quiescent (a seeming remission of symptoms), and advanced. The quiescent phase may last for days, months, or even years. The advanced stage is usually reached only after several acute episodes. There are several potential causes for the affliction. Because moon blindness -- more accurately called "periodic ophthalmia" -- usually hits older horses, I'm guessing that this is a recent development with your horse. Early treatment with things like riboflavin supplements, antibiotics, wormers, ointments, etc. may decrease the severity of the symptoms and reduce their recurrence. Your vet is the best source of guidance for your specific horse. Even if worse comes to worse and she goes completely blind, she may still be ridable in a controlled setting and could be a good brood mare.

Remember, a partially blind horse may need a little time and TLC to help her get used to her new way of sensing the world (relying more on smell and hearing). She may be a bit spooky at first, but your calm protection of her will help her make the transition.

Again, talk to your veterinarian -- the sooner, the better.

I hope this helps.

Happy Horse Care!

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