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Hello! I hope that you can help me.

We purchased a horse in Kentucky not knowing that she was in foal. When a vet came there to do all her shots and tests to travel, he informed us that she was and that she was 6-7 months along. This was in Feb. We brought her from Kentucky to Wisconsin where we live in March.

My questions is this: If she miscarried from the stress of traveling, etc....would she have absorbed the pregnancy at 6-7 months or would we have seen a miscarriage? We are first time horse owners and not sure if she is still expecting, and this is her first pregnancy. hope that you can help me! thanks!

- S. C.


Not being a vet, I'll have to defer to your local doc's opinion, but it seems to me that a six to seven month fetus would be hard to absorb. At six months, it should be anywhere from 13 to 23 inches long, so I think you'd notice a miscarriage. Generally, by that age you'll be able to feel the foal moving around inside the mare -- especially right after the mare has a drink of cold water. At the same time, some mares hide their condition so well that the owner isn't even aware the mare is pregnant until she drops the foal!

I hope this helps.

Happy Horse Raising!

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