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Hi Bob

I am 65, live in the UK and was searching for some easy daily exercises to do in order to keep fit after retiring. Your info was the best, and simplest, I found, and I shall now be using your exercises regularly.

One question though, if you can spare me the time. As I only want to stay alive (healthily) as long as possible, without breaking any records, can you recommend any target figures for each of your exercises.

For example, I start doing 3 sit ups and increment by one every few days. What is a nice regular ceiling to target, for each exercise, which will be adequate for my purpose and at which level I can know that my body is getting what it needs.

I have really enjoyed reading through (not finished yet) your site and you have my complements for doing such useful and interesting job on it. Many thanks for that.

Yours sincerely

-- S. B. -- United Kingdom


Thanks a lot for your nice e-mail! I'm glad I could be of some help... and it's always nice to meet someone from the other side of the pond!

The upper exercise limit is something that's impossible for me to gauge, because it varies by individual, and even changes for the individual depending on many health factors. For example, if you have a cold, you'll probably want to back off a bit until you recover. On the other hand, as your overall condition improves, you may feel that you want to challenge yourself a bit more. My dad is 91 years old [in 2006] and in excellent shape. He could probably do more repetitions than a lot of high school athletes! (Actually, he doesn't need my program -- he works full time as a fitness trainer in the spa at a Marriot resort, and does a four to five mile power walk two or three times a week!)

As I mention in the introduction to the exercises, you should talk with your doctor. The two of you should be able to work out a reasonable target. In general, I'd just suggest that you keep gradually increasing until you hit a level where you're comfortable but it's a strain to go much further. I think your body will tell you when you've arrived at that point.

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