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Even the slickest cowboys find themselves in a fish from time to time. There's usually something in the air when they do... tell me what it is....

R. G.

Cowboy Bob checking horses in the rain ANSWER:

What would be in the air if a cowboy was in his "fish"? Rain, of course. From time to time, some modern-day outfit will market a reproduction of the old "Fish" brand mustard yellow slickers of the 1880's. If you find one, be careful to roll it -- not fold -- when you tie it to your saddle. Folding it will tend to crack the waxy linseed oil waterproofing. Most slickers today, of course, are made of some synthetic material. The bright yellow color, however, in addition to being a safety factor because of its high visibility, is a recognition of the "Fish" heritage.

By the way, another sort of "fish" could result in something being in the air... If a cowpoke's horse starts "sunfishing," the cowboy himself could wind up in the air -- briefly! When a bronco twists its body from side to side, rolling its belly upward toward the sun, it is said to be "sunfishing."

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