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9F881 brand My brother received two horses; one of them has the brand 9F881 on its neck and on the back of both her legs half way down are dots. I am trying to find anyone that can help me find some info as to where these horses came from or what the markings mean.

Thank you

B. E.


The horsewith the 9F881 brand is an off-track (retired) Standardbred. The brand indicates that she is a Pacer (as opposed to a Trotter). Her registered name is HEYCANUHEARMENOW. She was foaled in April of 2008 in North Oxford, MA

If the other horse doesn't have a freezebrand on the neck, you might look on the inside of the upper lip for a tattoo ID.

Bunny freezebrandThe little white dots on the legs are the result of "freezefiring" - a somewhat questionable method used to deaden nerve pain by use of supercooled needles. A similar method, called "Pinfiring, " uses heated needles. Both methods leave small circular marks on the leg. Pinfiring is not as common as it once was, and freezefiring doesn't seem to be done as frequently on Thoroughbreds as Standardbreds.

At right is a photo of my "four-legged girlfriend," the Standardbred Sporty Bunny. The initial mark of her brand looks like a "Y" but it's actually a "V."

I hope this helps.

God bless!

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