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Hi Cowboy Bob

Because Iím writing from the wild west of Australia, I have no idea about this question Ė so forgive my laughable ignorance!

Donít real cowboys, in very cold and snowy places where it gets way below freezing - maybe like in Colorado - get really frozen legs just wearing denim jeans while they are out on their horses in winter?




Bob riding in winter That's not an ignorant question, in fact I even was a consultant for a novel that dealt in part with that sort of question.

The truth is that riding in cold weather can be rather pleasant - if you dress for it. I often say that my favorite riding weather is between plus and minus 20 degrees F [-7 to -28 C.] (if the wind isn't too bad). One reason I like the cold is there are no bugs! (It sometimes drops as low as minus 60 F. [-51 C.] in my neck of the woods, but it's best to keep both humans and animals sheltered when that happens!)

Chaps and insulated long johns under the jeans help, of course, but the constant movement of your legs does a good job of keeping those legs warm.

Of even greater importance is the fact that a horse is a vehicle with a built-in 101 degree F. [38 C.] heater. If you wear a duster or drover's coat draped over the horse, that body heat coming up under the coat can keep your legs - and the rest of you - plenty warm. I dress in multiple layers, and as a ride progresses I'll find myself opening layer after layer because of the heat. A friend of mine even designed a riding coat with extra flaring that extends over a lot more of the horse's flank and rump.

I hope this helps, Mate! God bless!

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