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We have adopted a 17-year-old quarter horse that has some problems; ie: no one to love and take care of it because the young owner died and his parents won't part with the horse. SoOOO I think it is muc itch (it looks like mange on a dog) someone told me horses do not get mange - is that true? The horse is also way way way underweight - We have just gotten started in feeding sweet feed 14%. I think that and using Udder Balm with a little fungus shampoo might do the trick - what do you think?

- T.


I'm afraid that whoever told you horses don't get mange is dead wrong. In fact, there are several types of equine mange -- and they are contagious. In addition, intestinal parasites can cause skin problems like Jack Sores.

An anti-fungal shampoo and some skin cream might ease the itch, but they won't do much against the mites that cause mange, much less against internal parasites. There are several treatments that are specific to various types of skin problems. If I were you, I'd get your veterinarian involved as soon as possible and get that horse on a regular program of worming and insect control.

I applaud you for getting involved with that neglected horse. May the Lord reward you for your care and concern for His creation.

Happy Riding!

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