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Bob, is a tie down the same as a martingale? I've been all over this net thing for two days and have been unable to locate information on how to correctly place the tie down on my mare. She is used to having one, but when we bought her, we did not think to ask as to how one is put on. I tried to watch, but I feel inadequate in remembering how it was done.

- S. C.


There are two types of martingales: running and standing. The running martingale has two lines which attach to the reins - sometimes running through the bit rings before attaching to the reins. A standing martingale has a single line which attaches to a noseband. Both types of martingales attach to a breast strap, with another line running from the breast strap to the girth or surcingle.

A tie down is a single line which runs directly from the noseband to the girth or surcingle. Martingales and tie downs come with a variety of attachments. If there's a tack shop in your neck of the woods, I'm sure the folks there would be happy to look at the one you have and help you figure it out.

Happy Riding!

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