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Nag - A small or sprightly horse or pony; by extention any horse, especially an old or over-worked horse.

Navy revolver - A .36 caliber firearm with a brass frame, rather than steel, to withstand the corrosive effects of salt air. Even away from the sea, some favored this style of handgun because of its resistance to rust. Eventually, the "Navy" designation was broadened to include non-brass .36 caliber Colts due to common use of the name "Colt Revolving Belt Pistol of Naval Caliber."

NBHA - Acronym for the National Barrel Horse Association (

NBRA - Acronym for National Bull Riders Association (

Near Side - The left side of a horse or mule (Also called the nigh side)

Necessary - A euphemism for an outhouse or bathroom.

Neck Reining - A method of guiding a horse by putting light pressure of the reins against the horse's neck on the opposite side of the direction of the turn; e.g. pressure against the neck by the right rein means to turn left, etc. Neck Reining

Neck rope - A loop around a horse's neck that the catch rope is run through after it is made fast to the saddle horn. This keeps the ropers' horse facing the calf while he is tying it.

Necktie Party - A lynching or other execution by hanging.

Neigh - Vocalization by a horse as a sign of distress or a call to other horses that are out of visual range.

Nester - Someone who settles on government land with the intent to acquire title to it; often used as a derogatory term to imply that the person does not have a proper legal or moral claim to the land.

NFR - Acronym for the National Finals Rodeo, the rodeo world championships. (

Nicker - A horse's friendly vocal greeting.

Nigh - 1. Near. 2. On the left side (since it's the "near" side when mounting a horse.)

Night Hawk - 1. Cowhand who guards a herd at night.
2. Mainly nocturnal North American bird with mottled grayish-brown plumage and large eyes. Also known as a Mosquito Hawk, it feeds on insects it catches on the wing at dusk.

Night Latch - A piece of rope or a leather strap run through the gullet of the saddle as a safety strap to help a rider stay on a horse. The name is derived from its use by night riders to prevent falling off a horse if the rider fell asleep. Also called a Chicken Strap.

Nine Day Wonder - A flash in the pan; a topic of amazement and conversation which figuratively begins on one weekend and is forgotten after the next (a total of nine days).

Norther - A severe, fast-moving cold front in the south-central Great Plains, marked by a dark, blue-black sky, strong northerly winds and swiftly dropping temperatures. Cowhands learned to watch the sky and keep an eye out for fog developing in low areas because a norther could bring a 30 degree F. temperature drop in less time than a rider could dig his jacket out of his saddle bags. Also called a Blue Norther or a Texas Norther (some folks insist that a Blue Norther is worse than a Norther).

Nose Bag - A feed pouch that attaches to a horse's head; also called a Morral.

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