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Oater - A low-budget, quickly produced Western-themed motion picture, usually from the 1930s and 1940s. Also called a "B Western" or a "Horse Opera." Republic oater opening title

Ocotillo - Scientific name: Fouquieria splendens, pronounced "Oh-co-TEE-yo." Because of its long, slender shape it is also known by such names as coachwhip, candlewood, slimwood, Jacob's staff, and vine cactus. Ocotillo

Off Side - The right side of a horse; also called the "Indian side" because Indians trained their horses to be also mounted on the right side.

Old West - The American states lying west of the Mississippi River. Prior to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the terms "Far West" and "Old West" referred to the region west of the Appalachian mountains, especially the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. Following the westward expansion of the 19th century, those terms usually designated the area west of the Mississippi.

The "Old West" began with the "gateway states" of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and included all territory to the west, regardless of statehood status.

On the Warpath - Antagonistic, deliberately looking for a fight; behaving in a hostile, contentious manner.

One-horse - Small, remote, insignificant, limited, inferior.

One Horse Outfit - A very small ranching operation.

Open - (adjective) A cow that is not pregnant.

Open Rodeo - A rodeo which is open to everyone and not limited to members of any specific rodeo association.

Opera house - 1. A theater. 2.The top rail of a corral; so called because it's the best seat for watching the performance of a bronc rider or other activity. Opera house

Oregon Short Line - A device attached under the horse's belly to the inner face of both stirrups to keep them down during rough rides -- commonly known as "hobbled stirrups." Oregon Short Line

Orejana - (o-ray-HAH-nah) An ownerless or unbranded animal.

Ornery - Having a difficult, mean-spirited, disagreeable, or contrary disposition; cantankerous. A corruption of the word "ordinary" in the sense of being undistinguished, commonplace, of poor quality, coarse, or ugly.

Osnaburg - A type of course linen or canvas, typically used as a top on covered wagons, and originally imported from Osnabrück, Germany. Chuck wagon with canvas top

Outhouse - A small house or building at a little distance from the main house; an outbuilding. A small outbuilding which serves as a rustic toilet; a latrine. Outhouse

Outlaw - 1. A renegade horse. 2. Someone who is disobedient to or defiant of the law.

Outrider - An escort who rides ahead of or at the side of a wagon, wagon train, or cattle drive.

Overo - A pinto coloration pattern of white over dark body markings.

Owl Hoot Trail - Anywhere an outlaw rides to avoid being seen. An owl hoots at night, so "owl hoot trail" implies that the folks who travel there tend to do so under cover of darkness. "He rides where the owl hoots."

Ox - A steer trained for draft work. Plural: oxen. Ox at a reconstructed logging camp

Oxbow Stirrups - Narrow, rounded stirrups sometimes made of metal and often preferred by bronc riders. Oxbow Stirrup

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