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Y'all - Third person plural pronoun. A Southern contraction of "You all" as in, "Y'all come back now; yuh heahr?"

Yammering - Talking in a loud, often peevish or complaining, manner. Derived from an old English word meaning "To lament." "Quit yer yammering and do yer job."

Yampa, Yampah - Any of several species of perennial flowering plants in the carrot family, native to the western U.S. and Canada, whose starchy tubers were used as food by Native Americans. Yampa plant

Yamping - Opportunistic gathering of wild food plants or feral livestock; by extension: theft, stealing or rustling. Derived from the Native American process of harvesting roots of wild Yampas.

Yearling - A horse born during the previous calendar year. All horses are considered to have their birthday on the first day of January.

Yee Haw - An exclamation of joy, challenge, or victory, possibly derived from the old English phrase "Ye haw" ("You come here"), which was similar to the modern expressions "Come to Papa" or "Bring it on!" Variations of Yee Haw include: Hee-haw, Woohoo, Wahoo, and even Yippee.

Yellow Belly - Easily frightened; a coward. Perhaps derived from the Yellow-Bellied Marmot, which quickly hides at any sign of danger. The term "Yellow-Bellied Varmit" may have originated as a derisive variation of "Yellow-Bellied Marmot."

Yellow Horse - Western slang for a palomino

You're a daisy if you do - An indication that an activity will probably be fatal. "If you try it, you'll be pushing up daisies from your grave." A nineteenth century equivalent of "Go ahead; make my day."

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