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X - A mark used as a replacement for the signature of a person who is blind or illiterate and thus cannot write his or her name. Typically, the writing of an X used for this purpose must be witnessed to be valid. Also used as an indication of a place where a person is to sign a document.

It is also traditionally used on maps to indicate locations, most famously on treasure maps where "X marks the spot."

Xenophon - 1. A Greek historian (c. 430 - 354 BC) known for his extensive writing on the art and science of horsemanship. Quotations from his works still appear in many modern horsemanship instructions.
2. A horse trainer, especially one who uses rather arcane or traditional methods, as in, "That wrangler is a regular Xenophon."

XIT Ranch - In the 1880s the XIT [pronounced "exit"] ranch held the largest range in the world under fence. The three million acre Texas Panhandle ranch covered portions of ten counties -- which helped perpetuate the myth that the XIT brand stands for "Ten In Texas." The brand was actually originated simply to thwart rustlers. The XIT Ranch sold off all of its livestock and went out of business in 1908. Branding calves on the XIT Ranch

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