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Vamoose - Get going; move out, disappear, or leave quickly. (Pronounced "baa-moose") (From the Spanish "vamanos" -- "Let's go.")

Vaquero - A Hispanic cow herder.

Vented Brand - A changed or blotted brand used to indicate a change of ownership. (Derived from the Spanish word venta - "sale.") Questions soon arose in the West as to whether a person in possesion of a cow with a vented brand did not simply steal it outright from his neighbor's herd and put his own brand on it. As a result, vented brands are only considered legal when authenticated by a written bill of sale.

Veterinarian - A physician qualified to treat disease, disorder, and injury in non-human animals. The word is often shortened to simply "vet."

Vice - A defect or fault, especially in behavior. Cribbing, for example, is a vice of horses.

Victuals, Vittals, or Vittles - Food; a stock or supply of foods. All three spellings are pronounced "vitt'-els." Derived from the Latin victualia ("provisions") Victuals is considered the correct spelling.

Vidette - (Also commonly spelled vedette.) A sentinel, usually on horseback, stationed to watch an enemy and warn of danger. A vidette

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