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Eagle - 1. A former United States gold coin, first produced in 1795, worth 10 dollars.
2. A large, keen-sighted bird of prey noted for its broad wings and soaring flight; the bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States of America.
Eagle gold coin

Earmark - Distinctive cut in a cow's ear to show ownership.

Easy Keeper - An animal that can thrive on relatively little food and that requires little or no special care.

Egg and Spoon Competition - A competition in which riders attempt to carry an egg on a spoon while riding a horse at various gaits. Dropping the egg results in elimination from the contest. Egg and Spoon Competition

End - The surplus loose portion of a lasso that extends beyond the roper's hand.

End swapper - A bronc that reverses its position in the middle of a high buck.

EPM - Abbreviation for Equine Protazoal Myeloencephalitis, also known as "possum disease;" a neurological disease that is sometimes confused with West Nile disease, rabies, or equine encephalitis.

Equalizer - A revolving pistol, especially the Colt Single Action Army revolving pistol. A common frontier saying after the Civil War was, "Abe Lincoln freed all men; Sam Colt made them equal."

Equinia - See "Glanders."

Ermine Marks - Dark hairs that appear in white areas just above a horse's hoof. Ermine Marks

Escarpment - A roughly vertical cliff marking the edge of a plateau or ridge, often miles long. Escarpment

Espuela - (Es-PWAY-la) A Spanish noun meaning "Spur."

Exhibition Ride - An individual, non-competition ride, sometimes as a practice run, sometimes to please the crowd, and sometimes as entertainment paid for by the rodeo producer or some other sponsor.

Express Wagon - A light delivery wagon. Express Wagon

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